Announcement: pyDriveWire v0.6 – The “LAST” Python 2 Edition

Announcement: pyDriveWire v0.6 – The “LAST” Python 2 Edition

(new for v0.6) pyDriveWire is a Python 2 project at the current time (Python 3 port is in-progress). Since Python 2 reached End Of Life in April 2020, it has become increasingly more difficult to install Python 2 and the associated packages. We recommend using pyenv to install and manage the recommended version of Python (pypy2.7-7.3.11). Please see the following docuents for more details:

pyDriveWire Installation Instructions for macOS

pyDriveWire General Installation Instructions
(Non-OS Specific instructions)



GitHub Main Page::

Python Implementation of DriveWire 4 and EmCee Protocols

PyDriveWire is a nearly complete DriveWire4 Server written in Python. The
goal is to eventually implement all of the features available. The server
also implements additional features that are not available in DriveWire4.

PyDriveWire also has support for the EmCee Protocol for use with MCX Basic
on the TRS-80 MC-10.

DriveWire 4 and EmCee Procotols can be used simultaneously on the server
without reconfiguration.

pyDriveWire v0.6 Features

  • (new for v0.6) pyenv is now the recommended way to install Python
  • (new for v0.6) DLOAD Protocol Support
  • (new for v0.6) SSH Support
  • (new for v0.6) Dragon DosPlus Support
  • (new for v0.6) VDK Image Support
  • (new for v0.6) JVC Image Support
  • (new for v0.6) Named Object Support
  • New Easy Installation Methods: Binary Package, Docker
  • dw config show command
  • dw config save command
  • dw disk create command
  • Major re-work of Virtual Serial Channels
  • Printing Support Enhancements
  • Web User Interface (–ui-port)
  • Configuration File support
  • Multiple Instance Support — Requires config file
  • Daemon Mode – Linux/macOS Only – Requires config file
  • Enhanced pyDwCli command console tool
  • Comprehensive and detailed manual for server features
  • Printing: EmCee/MCX-Basic Printing Support
  • HDB-DOS Mode and Disk image offset
  • Remote dw command input on TCP port
  • EmCee Protocol Support
  • Supported on Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • dw server dir and dw server list enhanced to run on ALL OSes (Mac/Windows/Linux, etc)
  • Experimental printing support prints to PDF or text file
  • Connections to serial ports at all supported baud rates: 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600
  • Listen for incoming connection on any TCP port with a default of 65504
  • Ability to make outgoing TCP connections for serial-net converters
  • Disks to be mounted can be specified on the command line
  • Interactive CLI allowing all dw commands to be run
  • Support for DriveWire 4 virtual ports
  • dw commmands over vport
  • AT Modem-style connections
  • Outbound connections with ATD/ATDT or tcp connect
  • Inbound vports via tcp listen/join/kill commands

Notable Missing Features

  • MIDI
  • OS9 /Z console windows
  • MShell Support